Ivory Towers or Padded Cells?

Have you ever wondered why so-called “scientists” are as obsessed with finding water on Mars as a dog is obsessed with table scraps? Have you ever wondered why Hollywood loons are so obsessed with so-called “global warming”? What about “green” energy? The sun’s death-day? Have you ever wondered why PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) exists? Why the source of almost every even remotely unexplainable event is almost invariably assumed to be extraterrestrial activity? Why every single iota of activity in nature is said to be evidence of evolution (even when it is evidence against it)? Have you ever wondered why there are shows  like Through the Wormhole on the so-called Science Channel (no, not SyFy, where it belongs) with episodes such as “How Did We Get Here?”, “Does Time Really Exist?”, “Is the Universe Alive?”, “Did We Invent God?”, “What Do Aliens Look Like?”, “How Do Aliens Think?” and my personal favorite (in a depressing way), “Are Robots the Future of Human Evolution?”

We, in America, are living in abnormally perilous times, more so than any of our national forebears could claim (a fact for which they would be very thankful—and roll over in their graves). Barely more than a half century ago, “God” (to use the term inclusively) was a fundamental, central part of everyday life. As time progressed, however—and, by the way, not so terribly long ago—the world changed. In that thennew, nowancient world, God was “dead.” Still later, we lived in a world in which it was “so yesterday” to consider God even “dead”—he was nothing more than a figment of the imaginations of uninformed, primitive, or otherwise inferior, back-woods barbarians. And again still later, in the present day, such atheistic agendas have graduated to yet another level. No longer do we live in the world of the “dead” God; nor do we live in the world of enlightenment-enriched elitism that has no need for “God.” Today, we live in a new world—a world with a new God. His name is “Science.”

Now, science is not inherently evil. In fact, there is nothing even remotely evil about any aspect of true science. The “science” of the 21st century western world is no more science than Buddha is God. We should be extremely grateful for many of the magnificent achievements of true scientific endeavor (e.g. medical science, etc.), as well as thankful for all the true scientists that still operate objectively and, well, scientifically. I suppose we owe a certain degree of thanks to the NASA of old, when we were actually learning new things about Yahweh’s marvelous creation. However, we are seeing (and have been seeing) a tremendous shift in such endeavors. For some reason, over time, people have become convinced that the acquisition of scientific knowledge somehow works towards the evolution of the human psyche.

Consider briefly this mind-boggling, stomach-churning example from the aforementioned television series, concerning an episode entitled, “When Does Life Begin?” Keep in mind the  usual context of that question (i.e. the abortion debate) as you read this.

“Some scientists believe life doesn’t truly begin until we
are conscious. But when does consciousness begin? One
child psychologist’s (!—SM) experiments suggest true
consciousness may not begin until the age of five once
children become aware of how the world perceives them.
Does life begin after we are able to walk and talk? The
argument extends beyond human life… Perhaps the only
way to know when life begins is going back to the beginning
of life on earth 4 billion years ago. How did non-living
chemicals first become alive? And could Earth still give birth
to a new life-form: one comprised of all humanity in a
globally connected network?”

A person with an ounce of sanity doesn’t know whether to laugh at such a thing, or burst into tears of fear and horror. Notice the horrifying connection: If life does not begin until we are “conscious,” and “consciousness” does not begin until we are able to “become aware of how the world perceives us” (i.e. around the age of five), then there is no legal, moral, or religious dilemma with regard to killing children under the age of five—after all, they’re not alive, anyway! Notice also (once again) the impulsive (not to mention irrelevant to the question at hand), Tourette’s Syndrome-like shift into the assumptions of fantastical-“science,” (i.e. past, extraterrestrial, future, all of which, by the way, are beyond the bounds of science) treating imaginary fantasies as though they are as factually established—even as obvious—as gravity! “Perhaps,” say they, “the only way to know…is going back to ‘the beginning of life on earth’ 4 billion years ago.” And how, good sir, do you plan on doing that? Such is what one would have to do to prove that there is such a thing as “4 billion years ago,” and yet, they claim all such nonsense to be true—and poison your children with it, causing  spiritual and moral damage and confusion that may never be repaired.

Nothing will concede the point as will this statement, nor will anything prepare your minds for it, nor will anyone ever be able to make sense of it (taken from the same paragraph):

“Technology is giving birth to new life forms made of
nonliving things.”¹

Such bears no response.

While it may not appear on the surface, all of the aforementioned phenomena have a “common ancestor” (a little evolutionary humor—a thousand pardons). To say it one way: None of these issues would exist if man had not abandoned the word of God. In other words, the Bible single-handedly shows each and every one of these fanciful psychoses to be just what they are—the figment of the imaginations of absolute lunatics.

You see, because they have “outgrown” the Bible, these blissfully (woefully) ignorant (psychotic) pseudo-scientists believe that if they can find water on Mars, that will somehow prove that there was, is, or will be life on Mars; and if there is, was, or even could be life on Mars, that will somehow “prove” that life evolved on earth; and, if life evolved on earth, that will “prove” there is no God (and, by the way, it would prove such—good thing it’s hogwash).

And there you have it, folks—the underlying ulterior motive to every single space mission, and the root cause of every one of the above mentioned human mental and intellectual deficiencies of our “brave new world”—the former, to be rid of God and all that goes along with Him; the latter, because of the presumptuous, self-deceiving notion that He’s not there, despite the lack of supportive evidence, and the insurmountable evidence to the contrary!

To conclude, let us set everything straight.

  • Thanks to the Bible, we know that we will never—repeat, neverfind life elsewhere from earth, because there is no life elsewhere from earth. Eve, says the Holy Spirit of God, co-Creator (pardons) of the universe, is “the mother of all living” (Gen. 3:20). God wanted you to know that He created the perfect home for you—the only hospitable planet in this unfathomable universe. Besides, the stereotypical idea of “aliens” is nothing more than another invention of man, anyway! Even if there were extraterrestrial aliens (and there are not), who’s to say they wouldn’t be like beavers, or shrimp, or the French, or Teletubbies, or Nancy Pelosi?
  • Thanks to the Bible, we know that the sun will outlive the earth, that no solar flare will destroy the earth, and that no asteroid will ever collide with the earth, so there is no need to worry about any of these things. Thanks to God, we can confidently dismiss them as utter impossibilities. The Bible tells us exactly how the world, nay, the entire universe, is going to end:

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief;
in the which the heavens
shall pass away
with a great noise, and the elements shall be
dissolved with fervent heat, and the earth and the
works that are therein shall be burned up”
(2 Peter 3:10).

  • Thanks to the Bible, we know that man does not have the power to destroy the earth! It is but an egotistical illusion that man would even for a second entertain the idea that he is powerful enough to destroy that which God has made! Emissions, coal, fuel, natural gas, nuclear warheads, Vladimir Putin’s shirt, President Obama’s birth certificate—nothing man can do will ever be able to destroy the earth, period. Even if man could do so—even if the Iranians built a nuclear bomb big enough to instantly destroy the entire Milky Way galaxy, God would not allow it to happen, even if He had to strike every single Iranian dead the milli-second before they pushed the red button (see 2 Peter 3:10 above).
  • Thanks to the Bible, we know that man is not merely a more highly evolved species, but that God created him in His own image, and gave him dominion over every other creature (Genesis 1:26)! In other words, Bye-bye PETA! So many problems have been caused because of the multiple-personalities of these people. On one hand they think man is powerful enough to destroy the earth (and they make up statistics and distort truth to “prove” it), and on the other hand, they won’t hesitate to make their fellow man suffer to save a family of squirrels.

You see, if man would simply go back to the Bible, accepting the indisputable evidence and true proof of its authority and truth, much of the lunacy that is prevalent in our nation today (which lunacies create even more strife as bi-products—just ask your pocketbook, or all the coal workers who no longer have jobs) would be resolved. Thank you, God, for revealing to us the things we could never have known without You, and may others come to the knowledge of that truth, as well, before it is too late.

1 “When Does Life Begin?” 2013. Web. Accessed 10-11-13. http://science.discovery.com/tv-shows/through-the-wormhole/season-4-episodes.htm.


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