About TJ3P

THE JUDE THREE PROJECT (TJ3P) is a site dedicated to telling the truth of what the Bible says about—well, everything—to whomever will listen or read (i.e., to those who want it).

What  TJ3P  Will  NOT  Do:

TJ3P will NOT teach the man-made doctrines of ANY denomination or “church.”

TJ3P will NOT offer “personal takes,” subjective interpretations, or reflections on Biblical subjects or statements, except when absolutely necessary (see the item 5 on the “WILL” list below).

TJ3P will NOT excrete the political ravings of an ill-informed adolescent.

TJ3P will NOT spout the political ravings of a Biblically-challenged “culture-vulture,” under the guise that said ravings are Biblical or spiritual.

TJ3P will NOT attempt to “move” you by means of personal stories of “faith,” “conversion,” or imaginary “calling” (i.e., “witness” or “testimony”).

TJ3P will NOT perpetuate or enable the popular lie that you can have God without God’s religion (i.e., that Christianity is not a religion, or that proper, organized religion is man-made and unrelated to a relationship with God).

TJ3P will NOT endorse a political candidate, nor will it fall into the common, yet false, belief that the perceived obligation to “save” the country is more important than saving the soul.

TJ3P will NOT ask you for money — ever.

TJ3P will NOT be “politically correct,” as  objective truth should always trump subjective feeling.

What TJ3P WILL  Do:

TJ3P WILL teach what the Bible teaches.

TJ3P WILL remain silent when the Bible is silent.

TJ3P WILL take into consideration “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:20,27) in all that it projects.

TJ3P WILL use nothing but the principles of the Scriptures on which to base any and all judgments, assessments, or other claims that may be wrongfully perceived as mere opinion (e.g., when something is judged to be right, wrong, moot, etc.).

TJ3P WILL always distinguish between matters of non-negotiable Scriptural truth (see above and below) and matters of Scripturally-based opinion (1 Cor. 7:10,25).

TJ3P WILL utterly disregard any cultural or societal circumstances which may be perceived to require amendments or “updates” to the Bible.

TJ3P WILL do its best to provide book, chapter, and verse for all points made (especially those of a more controversial nature).

TJ3P WILL specifically and directly address any and all legitimate questions submitted by readers.

You see, here at TJ3P, our mission can be summarized in the inspired words of a man who found out (the hard way) what happens when men try to distort and twist the word of God to suit themselves:

If [a man] would give me his house full of silver and gold, I cannot go beyond the word of Jehovah, to do either good or bad of mine own mind; what Jehovah speaks, that will I speak…

—Numbers 24:13—

In other words, if you are here because you don’t know where to turn for the pure, honest, genuine truth of what the Bible says—regardless of cultural circumstances, social trends, denominational doctrines, religious traditions, idiosyncratic ideologies, popular perceptions, subjective emotionalism, or fickle feelings, then TJ3P is your project, and you can count on us. You may not always like what you get from TJ3P, but you can place your full trust in our promise that it will always be the uncompromising, objective truth—logically, historically, scientifically, and Biblically.

Welcome to The Project, soldier, and well done. Now go polish your boots.